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NDT Bobath

All Bobath therapists at the Centre work in a holistic way and together as a team to address your child's individual needs. They use specific handling techniques to help children to relax and mobilise their muscles and joints. This improves their quality of posture and movement, enabling them to move more freely and be more stable and comfortable.

Our therapists are very special people, with a wealth of experience in their specific discipline whilst being well-versed in specialist NDT Bobath therapy techniques.


Intervention strategies and techniques for NDT consist of therapeutic handling, facilitation, inhibition and key points of control. Therapeutic handling is used in order to influence the quality of the patients' movements and incorporates both facilitation and inhibition

Bobath's Neurodevelopmental Technique Approach

Aims to inhibit spasticity and synergies, using inhibitory postures and movements, and to facilitate normal autonomic responses that are involved in voluntary movement